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Security Gate Officer Duties

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Security gate officers, also known as security guards, patrol and protect property from theft, invasion, fire and illegal activity. Typically, most security guards have the same functions, but some specific tasks depend on the location at which they work. Some are required to stay in one place for a length of time, whereas others may have to walk or drive around the property. Security gate officers work in department stores, hotels, apartment communities, museums, and jewelry stores.

Checking for Identification

Security gate officers have to determine the identity of every person that enters the property. They have to verify that the person is an employee of the company or an expected visitor. The security gate officer should also have the documentation on the employees, residents or visitors that are entering the property.

Patrolling Grounds

The security guard should become familiar with the perimeters of the property. Their responsibility includes becoming acquainted with the area, the surroundings and personnel. Security gate officers also have to make periodic checks around the perimeter, building exit points, and any other areas of concern. They may drive or walk from location to location. The client may request the guard to inspect vehicles for illegal or stolen property. The guard's responsibility to record observation and incident reports and to bring them to the client.

Personal Security

A person may request a security guard officer to protect them from bodily harm. The security guard officer have to escort or drive the individual from location to location. The guard may have to be discreet or highly visible, depending on what the person needs. Some security guard officers may have to protect families, groups, celebrities, and politicians.

Protecting Special Events

The security gate officer may have to protect special events and parties. Events include seminars, meetings, charity events, weddings and athletic events. These duties include controlling the crowd, monitoring the door or ticket taking. Some security gate officers may have to check if guests’ names are on the invite list. They may have to escort any unruly or rowdy guests off the property.


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