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Equipment Needed for Security Officer Duties

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A security guard needs different equipment depending whether they are armed or unarmed. Depending on the property being guarded, specialty equipment may be required. However, there is some basic equipment every security guard is required to have. While many employers will provide equipment, it may be necessary for a guard to purchase some items.

Two-way Radio

Most security guards carry a two-way radio. This is used to communicate with the main duty station while patrolling areas of the property. It will be needed in case there are problems found or to call for assistance.


A flashlight is one of the main items used by a security guard. The flashlight should be heavy duty and be able to last through the shift before the batteries need to be changed.


A retractable baton should be carried by a security guard in case they need to protect themselves or others. Many security guards work on properties that may require them to use force to protect it. In these situations, it is best for the guards to carry something that can defend them, but not kill someone.

Pepper Spray

Another nonlethal piece of equipment that a security guard should carry is pepper spray. This is used to subdue a person without hurting them. It is generally sprayed in the face and has a stunning effect to help the security guard to control the situation.

Duty Belt

The duty belt used by security guards will hold all the equipment that needs to be carried. This equipment includes handcuffs, flashlight, baton, pepper spray and two-way radio. The belt allows the security guard to keep their hands free and makes the equipment easily accessible when needed.


When a security guard is required to work in a position that requires them to make arrests, it is important to have handcuffs. These cuffs are used to restrain a suspected criminal while the security guard waits for the police to arrive.


Anyone who works as a security guard will need a good pair of boots or footwear. This footwear must be durable and comfortable because a security guard will spend a lot of their time walking the property they are patrolling.


Security guards may be called upon to work in areas that may require them to use lethal force to protect the property or persons. In these cases, a security guard is required to carry a handgun, shotgun or other firearm. This is referred to as an armed security guard and they must be licensed to carry the firearm.


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