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Jobs for Ccw Permit Holders

A CCW, or Concealed Carry Weapons permit allows a person to carry a firearm out of plain sight for use in personal protection, or protection on the job. The potentially dangerous nature of many jobs makes such a permit desirable. An employer can also assume that anyone who carries a valid concealed weapons permit has passed the necessary background checks, and the employer should find no surprises when conducting its own checks.

Security Guard

A person who is qualified to carry a concealed weapon is a good candidate for a security guard position. Security guards are often split up into two groups: armed and unarmed. Unarmed guards provide security for shopping malls and some sporting events, but when a situation requires more strength and a show of force, companies often turn to armed guards. The concealed weapons permit is just the beginning of the required training for armed guards, but it is a good starting point for a person to be considered for the position. The ability to conceal a firearm allows these guards to be placed inconspicuously, without arousing any unnecessary suspicion or panic.

Armored Car Driver

Armored car drivers usually carry their weapons in a holster in plain sight. The visual presence of a gun is a deterrent against any criminal activity that some may want to perpetrate against them. The fact that a person already has a concealed weapons permit may make that person more desirable in the job market, because he already has some experience with weapons. In addition to the armored car driver's visible service weapon, it may be desirable for him to carry one or two additional weapons concealed under clothing, necessitating the concealed weapons permit.

Private Investigator

While television shows depict private investigators in very glamorous lives, chasing people in high speed car chases or having shootouts in back alleys, the reality is much different. A private investigator spends a great deal of her time at the computer or on the telephone, trying to get information about the subjects they are investigating. At times, the investigator may need to work in the field. This could lead to a confrontation that could put her life at risk. A concealed weapon may be a necessity for her survival and safety in these cases.

Other Considerations

While it may be desirable for other occupations to carry concealed weapons, as well as the appropriate permits that go along with that responsibility, many employers prohibit this practice at work. Employers cite safety in the workplace as their primary reason, especially when situations quickly become stressful and escalate to violence. Employers and businesses also have the right to determine if someone can carry a firearm on their property.


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