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The Average Salary of a Sales Administrator

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A sales administrator usually assists sales representatives and managers in a company. Sales administrators may answer phone call from customers, set sales appointments and arrange meetings for the sales department. A sales administrator may also type reports, file various documents or mail letters and brochures to customers and prospects. Most sales administrators earn a salary. However, a sales administrator may also earn commissions, bonuses and profit sharing based on their company's performance.

Average Salary

The average annual salary of a sales administrator is between $33,086 and $48,469, according to January 2011 data from Additionally, sales administrators earn average annual bonuses of 1.5 to 5 percent and commissions of 15 to 25 percent per year. Including their average of 4 percent profit sharing, sales administrators earn total incomes of $32,448 to $47,882. Also, sales administrators have similar duties and salaries of administrative assistants or secretaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median salary for administrative assistants and secretaries at $40,030 per year.

Years of Experience

Sales administrators will generally earn higher salaries with additional experience. For example, the average annual salary range for sales administrators with one to four years of experience is $29,523 to $41,453, per That salary range increases to between $35,481 and $49,776 for sales administrators with five to nine years of experience. Sales administrators with 10 to 19 years of experience in their field earn $37,782 to $52,710 annually. Additionally, sales administrators with 20 or more years of experience earn $39,184 to $57,077 per year.


A sales administrator's salary will also vary by industry. Here are the annual salary ranges for sales administrators in various industries: manufacturing and distribution - $31,731 to $42,929; software development - $40,500 to $58,500; information technology services - $27,469 to $44,219; electronics manufacturing - $27,717 to $49,851; hotels/motels - $27,748 to $38,750.

Geographic Region

The salaries for sales administrators can vary according to the part of the country in which they are employed. For example, sales administrators tend to earn more in Massachusetts, New York and Texas, according to The average annual salary ranges for sales administrators in Massachusetts are $35,610 to $54,045. Sales administrators in New York earn salaries between $32,677 and $45,781 per year. A sales administrator in Texas can earn over $49,000 on the high-end of the salary range for that position. Comparatively, sales administrators' salaries are slightly lower, on average, in states such as Illinois and Maryland: Illinois - $31,485 to $41,549; Maryland - $33,203 to $43,977.