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What Are the Duties of a Sales Administrator?

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A sales administrator performs key functions to support sales teams in various areas, such as information technology, finance and telecommunications. A sales administrator also performs administrative office-based duties on behalf of sales executives. Sales administrators typically work within a dynamic, sales-driven environment and report to the senior sales executive of their department.

Main Duties

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Duties of a sales administrator usually include processing the paperwork generated by sales and scheduling appointments to make site visits to existing customers, as indicated on the Prospects website. They process contracts obtained by sales executives and maintain an accurate database of customer information such as billing details, product preferences and correspondence addresses. A sales administrator also keeps records of any site visits made, ensures goods are delivered on schedule to customers and maintains updated records of sales figures on a weekly basis. These figures are used for comparison purposes with sales and revenue targets for the company. They are analyzed and compiled into reports for assessment by higher management.

Customer Services Role

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A sales administrator is responsible for processing invoices, setting up payment accounts via bank transfer or credit card and investigating overdue payments. He also prepares estimates for a product if requested by a customer and closely monitors the progress of ongoing orders. A sales administrator also acts as a customer service agent, handling and prioritizing the influx of customer requests and complaints. He tries to establish a good relationship between the customer and the company at all times to secure future business. On busy days, a sales administrator may be asked to cover reception duties, such as taking telephone inquiries and screening any visiting clients, as stated on the Keyfort website.

Time Management and Marketing

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A sales administrator needs excellent time-managements skills, must be proficient in written and verbal communication and must be able to multitask in a frenetic environment. He is responsible for the diary management of sales executives, arranging meetings and ensuring outstanding invoices are processed on schedule. Sales administrators are sometimes expected to work weekends or extended hours if an important sales campaign is being undertaken. A sales administrator may also be tasked with assisting with marketing research projects to assess customer needs. He helps prepare company newsletters and works with the marketing department in preparing postal and email campaigns. Sales administrators are expected to be skilled in basic word processing and spreadsheet applications to maintain accurate sales reports.


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