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What Is the Job Description of a Gallery Coordinator?

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Art gallery coordinators or managers are most often expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in art history, art education, fine arts or even arts administration. The manager is expected to have general knowledge of art concepts so that she is able to convey technique, time period and other elements to potential buyers. This position is usually given to people with good communication skills who have prior experience in a related business or organization.

Customer Service

First and foremost, gallery managers are expected to be customer service professionals. They must kindly and professionally greet guests both in person and on the phone; must answer emails; must produce newsletters for advertising purposes; and must handle correspondence with other companies, artists and customers.


Handling sales is another function of a gallery manager. Because a manager is responsible for the gallery's profits and for all monies collected, this position is usually given only to someone considered trustworthy. Gallery managers must balance books and maintain website information for the gallery. They uphold prices that are agreed upon by the artist and the gallery for pieces offered for sale.

Janitorial Duties

Managers must also maintain the integrity of the store space with regular dusting, sweeping and mopping. The integrity and cohesiveness of displays is also maintained by the gallery manager. They are expected to sell the art largely through display, not through explanation, so proper presentation is key to a functioning exhibit.

Community Programs

Community programs that are hosted by the gallery are also run by the gallery manager. Some community programs cater to children, often teaching them art basics such as simple drawing or painting concepts. Other programs offer activities and workshops for varying skill and age levels. Depending on the gallery, these programs may be free or may charge a fee. Managers are in charge of either running these programs or hiring professionals to do so. They are also in charge of advertising for these types of special events.


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