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Promotions Manager Job Description

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A promotions manager creates and publicizes marketing incentives meant to increase sales. He works with artists and art directors, sales personnel and others to promote a company's products or services to the public.

Promotions Manager Duties

As part of the marketing department, a promotions manager directs the incentive sales strategy of the business or organization. To do this, promotions managers combine advertising with promotions to secure future sales. Typical promotions include giveaways, contests, samples, coupons, discounts and reward programs. A promotions manager uses a variety of media to advertise the promotional messages. Campaigns can use direct mail, radio ads, television spots, newspaper circulars, Internet ads, social media, websites and special events. The promotions manager must also analyze the results of campaigns to ensure their efficacy.

Promotion Manager Skills

A promotions manager must have critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to be able to create promotions and analyze campaign data. Although artistic abilities are not necessary, creativity is a must. Promotions managers must also be able to work with and manage a team. As a promotions manager, you must be able to stay cool under pressure because the nature of the work includes managing people, multiple projects and ongoing deadlines.

Promotions Manager Education

Promotions manager positions may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration with a marketing emphasis. Additional coursework in advertising, finance, psychology and writing offer an advantage to those trying to break into a promotions career. Because many companies hire promotions managers from within their ranks, it can also help to attend advertising seminars and marketing conferences to increase your knowledge and better your chance of advancement.

Promotions Manager Work Environment

Promotions managers coordinate the promotional marketing efforts of an organization, a business, a department or several business clients. They can work in-house, as an employee of a firm. They can also collaborate with a variety of businesses as independent contractors through their own consulting agencies. A promotions manager might collaborate with a creative director to create promotional campaigns or work alone. The creative director organizes the creative team (usually a graphic designer and a copy writer) to produce the marketing materials in the plan. Solo promotions managers might produce the material themselves or contract the work out to a design firm.

Programs Manager Job Outlook

The need for promotions managers will continue to grow steadily as businesses increase their advertising and promotions. The U.S. Department of Labor expects an average increase in job growth with stiff competition for the available jobs, according to 2012 predictions. Positions in the medical, scientific and computer fields should see additional work opportunities, particularly for contractors as businesses attempt to cut costs by getting rid of full-time positions.


Meagan Van Beest took up writing after graduating with a bachelor's degree in English literature. She has worked in advertising and marketing for the past decade. Her writing has appeared in advertising, brochures, newspapers and online magazines. Currently, as creative director of a design firm, she oversees the graphics, copy writing, and creative direction of print and Web design projects.

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