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How to Improve a Resume Cover Letter

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Sending a cover letter with your resume is imperative if you want a potential employer to consider your application. Writing a great cover letter could mean the difference between that employer placing your resume in the "maybe" stack and calling you immediately to come in for an interview. If you already have a decent one written, you don't have to scrap your original cover letter entirely. You can simply enhance it to make it stand out above the others.

Address the right person. Research to determine the correct recipient's name if you are not sure by calling the business or performing a search on the email address listed in the job posting. Omit a salutation if you are unable to find the right name rather than using a generic opening.

Start with a hook. Write an intriguing first line that entices the recipient to continue reading. Begin with information about the company and explain how hiring you might solve a problem, such as, "An article in the Local Journal stated that you are opening a new plant in Cityville, which is my hometown. I have been a plant manager for XYZ Widgets for the past six years."

Provide fresh, concise information about yourself rather than duplicating the details of your resume. Write a two- or three-paragraph letter that displays why you are an ideal candidate for the business and specific position by providing examples of your past achievements, education and skillset.

Show genuine interest in the company and knowledge about the field. Mention recent news or information about the business and the area in which you have worked to demonstrate that you are informed and have done your research.

Close with a common marketing strategy. Deliver a call to action, which is a statement that encourages the reader to take the next step. Alternatively, inform the hiring manager that you will make the next move. For instance, you might close with, "Please call me at 555-3847 to set up an interview or I will phone you Tuesday morning to follow up."