How to Address a Job Application Envelope

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A job application is the key to unlocking career opportunities. Job applications with well-done resumes and correct information may lock-in an interview. Because it is important to make the right first impression, it is crucial to properly put together the entire job application letter, including the envelope. Thankfully, addressing an envelope to a possible employer is a much easier task than filling out the enclosed application.

Write your name in the top-left corner of the envelope. Follow your name with your address. An example of a name and address format you might use on the envelope would be:

FirstName LastName 1234 Easy Street City, ST 00000

Write the employer address in the center of the envelope. Usually, job applications have a return address listed on the form. If this is the case, write the address exactly as it is listed on the form. If an address is not listed, use a general setup for the address, making sure to alert the correct department. For example, an address you may use would be:

Company Name ATTN: Human Resources Department 12345 Company Address RD City Name, ST 00000

Place a stamp in the upper-right portion on the envelope. Once the job application is neatly folded and placed inside, a stamp is affixed and the envelope is sealed, your application will be ready for mailing.

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