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How to Format an APA Resume

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The APA format originated from the official style of the American Psychological Association. Despite the psychological affiliation, many academic and formal disciplines have adopted and prefer APA styling. There is a connotation of strict formality and organization inherent to this formatting and you may be expected to adhere to it accurately. The level of specificity leads many individuals to fret over getting it just right. Minding the rules meticulously, and proofreading your resume, can assure strong results.

Use the correctly sized paper for APA format ; 8.5-by-11 inches is the standard accepted measurement.

Ensure that your resume is printed with the proper margin measurements, as well. Check that a 1-inch margin appears at the top, bottom and on both sides of your resume.

Maintain consistency in your sentence and phrasing structure throughout the resume. Should you describe your aptitudes primarily with verbs, for instance, employ verbs to discuss your experiences as well.

Make use of "gapping," or incomplete sentences that emphasize concision and clarity. Instead of saying, "I assisted young people in finding ideal after-school activities," write, "Volunteer Counselor (2003-2006). Assisted young people. Recommended ideal activities."

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