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How to Become a Lead Broker

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Lead brokers sell phone, email and mailing list leads to businesses and or entrepreneurs. The businesses and entrepreneurs then use the leads to market their products and services. A lead broker can sell consumer or business leads. Though there are leads for virtually every product or service imaginable, it behooves the lead broker to specialize in certain area.

How to Become a Lead Broker

Decide what type of industry for which you want to sell leads. If you, for example, want to sell &quot;Business Opportunity&quot; leads to MLM (multi-level marketing) entrepreneurs, go online and find wholesale suppliers that sell these types of leads.

Call some of the wholesale suppliers. Find out if the cell phone, mailing and email lists for people who are interested in owning a home-based business. Find one that sells all three types of leads, as marketers often use personal selling, direct mail and email marketing to promote their business. Ask these vendors about their prices. Select the lead wholesaler that provides you with the best markup or lowest cost per lead. Also, mail your sales letter, flier and brochure to your customers every month. Lead brokers make most of their money on back-end sales.

Ask your leads supplier if they have brochures or fliers to market mailing leads. Find out if they will let you place your name and address on them. Create your own fliers and brochures if your leads supplier does not have any fliers or brochures for you.

Write a one-page sales letter that describes the main benefits of ordering leads from you, especially focusing on the responsiveness of the leads.

Obtain an 800 line, or extra business line. Create a two-minute recording that tout the benefits of using your mailing lists. Ask people to leave their name and phone number, and have them tell you the best time to call them.

Create a website for your leads business, or find someone who can create it for you. Place your sales letter and brochure online for people to download.

Go online and find someone who can optimize your website and search engine ad so you can appear at the top of the listings. Get your ad listed with top search engines such as, and

Place a classified in a publication that attracts your type of business customer, according to the article &quot;How To Build and Sale a Mailing List for Big Bucks&quot; at Include your 800 message in the advertisement. Call the businesses back when they leave a message, then direct them to your website.

Continue to build your business through advertising and search engine optimization. Increase your advertising gradually as your sales and profits increase.


The most important aspect of leads is responsiveness. You should stress the responsiveness of your leads in your advertising and two-minute phone 800-line phone message. However, try to get feedback from your customers on how effective your leads have been for them. You do not have to stick with the same wholesale leads supplier. Some people use multiple wholesales suppliers.