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Job Description of a Direct Sales Representative

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Though direct sales representatives sell to businesses, the term can also include people who own a business through companies that sell directly to consumers. Whether they sell gifts, cookware or perfume, direct salespeople are primarily responsible for building sales, ensuring the delivery of products and building a customer base. The job description of a direct sales representative can include a number of other duties as well.


Since many people in direct sales are on commission, they spend most of their time working with leads. These leads usually include the names, addresses and phone numbers of potential consumer or business customers, depending on the nature of the company and their products. Whatever the case, a major part of a direct sales representative's job description is to call each lead, then qualify or determine if the person or business would be a viable candidate for a potential sale. Subsequently, the direct sales representative would make an appointment to present his products to these individuals or businesses.


Direct sales representatives may use the party plan to sell their products, according to StateUniversity. Direct sales representatives also use meetings or even flea markets to sell their products. The direct sales rep will often order the products, pack them up and take them to a designated area, or directly to consumers. A large part of a sales representative's job description entails demonstrating product features, telling customers about product benefits, then closing the sale.


Direct sales representatives must also complete paperwork, including filling out order forms, entering orders online or sending them in to the company, and even reconciling sales receipts with cash, checks and credit card orders they collect. Direct sales representatives also process credit card orders and deposit their money in a bank. The direct sales representative may also spend time stocking products at home or in a warehouse, then periodically taking inventory of these products.


The job description of a direct sales representative requires the employee or business owner to have excellent communication skills, listening, persuasive and closing skills. Direct sales representatives must know how to speak in a clear, understandable and concise manner, tailoring their presentation to their specific audience. Additionally, she must be able to listen to what her customers want and need, and how much they are willing to spend.

Salary and Job Outlook

The average direct sales representative makes about $12.92 per hour, according to StateUniversity. This equates to about $26,000 per year. The job outlook for direct sales representatives is considered to be average to poor in June 2010, according to both StateUniversity and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One reason may be that some direct selling is gradually being replaced with Internet and other technology, including faxes, e-mails and even Twitter.

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