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How to Become an Authorized Cell Phone Dealer

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The number of global cell phone subscriptions is expected to reach 5 billion sometime during 2010, according to CNET. Additionally, a study conducted by the Lemelson-MIT program found that 30 percent of people could not live without a cell phone while resenting the invention. As a result, starting a wireless business can be a lucrative endeavor. To become an authorized cell phone dealer, you must research, register your business and apply to a suitable opportunity.

Register your business. If your business is not registered&mdash;sole proprietor, corporation or limited liability company, for example&mdash;contact your state&rsquo;s business registration division. In addition to licensing, you may need to request a sales and use tax license. The license opens a state account for you to pay taxes on each sale. Call your state&rsquo;s office of finance, business registration division or comptroller.

Research available authorized dealer opportunities. Cell phone companies have several requirements to become a dealer. For example, some cell phone companies require that you own or lease retail space. Visit local retail locations, search online and attend wireless conferences to discover opportunities. When selecting a company to work with, consider how much training is provided, the level of partner support and if the company offers a marketing plan.

Contact the company to discuss the opportunity. Call an account representative to inquire about the opportunity. Make sure you ask about commission

Prepare a distributor application. Collect the required documentation. Cell phone companies require financial documentation for indirect sales partners. Locate your profit, loss and income statements at minimum. Once you select a company, request and complete a distributor application. Make sure you review the application closely and complete it in its entirety.

Submit the application. Contact an account manager or representative with the company you selected.


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