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How to Become a Cosmetic Distributor

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Becoming a cosmetic distributor is an option for those who appreciate makeup and are interested in the beauty industry. It offers income possibilities and benefits, and cosmetic products are likely to remain in demand. Distributors, or direct sales agents, provide personalized service, and the business offers an opportunity for women or men to learn about and shop for makeup in a fun and friendly environment.

Research the different cosmetic companies. Numerous companies offer direct-selling business opportunities for people interested in becoming cosmetic distributors. Search online for opportunities with companies such as Mary Kay, Arbonne and Jafra. Search for and review online customer and distributor comments on the products and distributor programs available. Purchase products from the companies of interest to help determine which line you could honestly promote.

Contact representatives of companies of interest. Nearly all companies with distributor opportunities have websites that enable customers and potential representatives to contact a company agent. Express interest in the company and set up an appointment to discuss cost, expectations and benefits of working for that company.

Request names of current distributors and contact them. Those conversations may help you decide whether to join that company. Try to get a feeling for what to expect if you become a distributor for that company. Ask about individual successes and hardships, and welcome any advice.

Discuss your choices with your spouse before making a commitment. Becoming a cosmetic distributor requires an investment and therefore should be discussed with anyone who shares your financial responsibilities. Some companies encourage the purchase of inventory or require a nominal fee for a start-up kit.

Decide which company best meets your needs and join. You'll be required to sign a contract and make a payment. Read the contract carefully before signing, and ask for clarification of any confusing items.


Search the member directory on the Direct Selling Association website for a list of companies that offer cosmetic distributor opportunities.


Be wary of unknown companies that encourage you to join to “get in on the ground level.” The World Federation of Direct Selling Association warns that such wording may be a sign of a company running an illegal scheme.


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