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How to Become a Yankee Candle Distributor

Everyone loves the smell of a fabulous scented candle burning when entering a room. A majority of households purchase scented candles and Yankee Candle is America''s number one brand of premium scented candles. The company supplies over 13,000 retail stores with Yankee candles and other products. The wholesale sector of Yankee candle contributes over 50 percent of the company's net sales making it key to Yankee's growth and success, thus the company offers outstanding support and guidance to its distributors.

Own a retail store to qualify to become a retailer of Yankee candles. Yankee does not approve anyone who sells only through catalogs, only on the Internet, or through home parties.

Determine how close you are to a current Yankee Candle retailer. Yankee Candle will open a limited number of new independent retailers based on certain criteria; including the type of store you run, how close you are to a current Yankee retailer and your willingness to commit to the minimum required program.

Submit a completed dealer application for Yankee Candle consideration (see Resources).

Provide photographs of your store's merchandise as well as its environment.

Include a copy of your Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate.

Send your completed application, photographs and tax certificate to The Yankee Candle Company, Inc., P.O. Box 110, South Deerfield, MA 01373-0110, Attention: Research Department, or fax your information to 1-800-872-7905.


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