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How to Become a Candle Distributor

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If you are the kind of person that loves buying and collecting scented candles and other aromatic products, signing on as a candle distributor is a fun and unique way to earn extra money or start a new career. Becoming a candle distributor is a simple way to start a home-based business without the hassle and expense that is normally associated with a new entrepreneurial venture. As a distributor, you can enjoy a fun career that allows you to work at your own pace, earn money and incentives, meet new people and introduce and discover new relaxing candles and products, while not taking time or energy away from family and other important aspects of your life.

Research the different candle companies. Ask family, friends and co-workers if they have recently purchased or attended a candle party held by a distributor, what company it was and if they felt the products were of good quality. Use the Internet to search for any candle distributing opportunities, and look over company websites to view products and read about the available opportunities. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) has a list of companies that provide candles and candle accessories. Conduct online searches for any known scams regarding candle companies and other negative comments that may affect your decision.

Speak with a current consultant or distributor. If there is a number on the website that will allow you to speak with the company directly, call that number, and arrange to speak with a distributor in your area. If there is no direct number, select a local distributor and arrange a time to meet and discuss the business opportunity. Make certain to ask the consultant important questions such as commission rate, inventory, fees, benefits, incentives, restrictions on distributors and the company's expectations in terms of time and quantity of products you need to sell.

Buy the candles for yourself. You will want to know that you are selling a product that you can stand behind, so if you haven't previously tried the candles or other products sold by a company, then try them out before signing on as a distributor. With scented candles, pay attention that the scents smell like what they claim to be; for example, make sure that the pineapple candle smells like pineapple and not more like cheap perfume. Also, note how long and how well the candles burn and if the company offers more than just candles to its customers.

Read the distributor contract carefully. Before signing on, make sure to study the contract in its entirety and ask any questions that might come to mind, no matter how small. Once you have signed the contract, pay the sign-on fee if applicable and, if required, purchase your candle inventory.

Market your business, and host a party. Get the word out that you are a candle distributor. If the company provides business cards, take advantage of them and pass them out to everyone that you know. Ask friends and family to host a candle showing at their homes. Host a party at your house, and invite everyone that you know who uses and enjoys candles. Participate in any fairs or events that allow vendors to set up tables and sell their products.


Before signing on and buying inventory, find out if there is a refund policy if you decide the opportunity is not for you.

  • Before signing on and buying inventory, find out if there is a refund policy if you decide the opportunity is not for you.

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