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How to Succeed in Herbalife

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Herbalife nutrition products are dietary supplements manufactured by Herbalife International, a company that has been offering people the opportunity to sell its product as independent distributors since 1980. Herbalife products include nutritional supplements, and skin and haircare products. As of January 2011, Herbalife had more than 2.1 million independent distributors worldwide. Becoming an independent distributor is simple, but success in the company requires some dedication and know-how. Those who stick with the company and persevere can make money.

Find a mentor who already has had success in the Herbalife International company. Avoid signing up to become a distributor until you have found one who is having verifiable success with the company that corresponds to what you hope to accomplish. Be realistic with your expectations though; not all Herbalife distributors do well. Avoid new and inexperienced distributors unless they are working with successful mentors who will agree to mentor you.

Develop a marketing plan. Businesses rarely succeed without marketing plans to help grow business and profits. Herbalife distributors make money by selling their products and by selling distributorships that allow them to make money off of the sales of other distributors. A good marketing plan will take into account this two-pronged approach to making money. Create a list of everyone you know who could be a potential product customer and everyone who could be a potential distributor. Approach these people first.

Create an online store to sell your products. Most friends and family don't want to be bombarded with sales pitches from other family members because they might feel obligated to buy a product. Having an online store will allow you to reach a greater audience if you market your product correctly. Many books and tutorials are available that can teach you how to successfully market a website and create search engine optimized content.

Emphasize the business opportunity over and above the retail products. Herbalife is set up as a multilevel marketing business (what some call a pyramid), and the real money comes to those who are able to recruit other distributors and train them to be successful. Selling only the retail product or emphasizing it first requires that you sell a large volume of product to make money. Having multiple distributors under you means that their sales will also count toward your earnings. Replication of the business model is key to just about any multilevel marketing business.


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