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How to Be a Good Promoter

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A promoter is responsible for publicizing a product to increase sales as well as protecting brand reputation. To be good at this is a challenge because the market is stacked with "the next best thing." However, you can become good by approaching promotions with the right attitude and understanding what the company's customer or client needs are. It is important to find out what works and what does not so you don't waste your time promoting badly.

Write down the benefits of the product you are promoting. Make it clear to yourself why somebody else would want it or show an interest in it. When you begin promoting the product, artist or event, you will have a clear idea of why other people should pay attention to you.

Approach the target audience for the product you are promoting in a nonthreatening, relaxed and friendly way. Give them an off-the-cuff compliment during the conversation to win them over. You can be a good promoter by showing that you are not aggressive in the "sales" aspect of the job.

Answer questions honestly, and present information in a forward, confident way. You can improve your promoting skills by simply telling the truth about your product. If you believe in it, then the customer will read this and be more willing to listen.

Improve your people skills to become more trustworthy and likable. People skills include being able to make conversation, listening to the customer, being respectful and responsive to ideas, using positive gestures and motivating others. These are characteristics of a good promoter because they show that you are respectful and reliable. If you are promoting a band, radio stations will be more likely to listen if they trust you are promoting a quality artist.

Discuss only the positives. Bad promoters put down other businesses, talk detrimentally about other products or say negative things about their own company. Becoming a good promoter includes being complimentary, but in a sincere way. Spitefulness is not good for promotions as the customer will feel you might say the same of them to others.

Act responsibly. Accept that you are promoting a product, endorse everything you say about it, and accept that problems might occur. If you do not accept these things, then you are disloyal and not a good promoter. Promoting a charity auction involves being honest about the quality and expected price of the prizes, for example.

Prepare for any questions or eventualities that might arise when promoting. Hostile people will challenge the things you say and ask for further proof your product is as you describe it. Take supporting evidence such as the product itself, product reviews or customer feedback forms to make your pitch believable. If you are promoting toothpaste, hand out samples as a promotional gift and to stimulate interest.

Take every opportunity to promote, and do it in a fresh way every time. Promotions require repeating a lot of the same information, but it is best to convey it enthusiastically every time to avoid boring your customers and putting them off.

Know your competitors and their products. Understand how they work and why yours is better. To be a good promoter you need to be aware of the different approaches, angles and products that compete with yours.


Based in Bristol, Philippa Jones has been a music journalist and script writer since 2007, working across a range of radio programs in the U.K. and Australia. Her articles have appeared in "Impact Magazine," "The Mic" and in local newspapers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in politics from the University of Nottingham.

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