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Becoming an Independent Sales Consultant of Essential Oils

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Essential oils are described by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) as concentrated aroma extracts distilled from aromatic plant material.These fragrant oils, as explained by the University of Minnesota, are used for a number of purposes by either topical application, inhalation or ingestion. If you believe in the healthy benefits of essential oils, you may want to consider selling them as an independent sales consultant. As a consultant there is no need to rent a retail location, and you can make money selling your essential oil products person-to-person on your schedule.

Pick which type of company you want to work for. Some companies sell essential oils in addition to other goods, such as bath or body products, while others focus only on aromatherapy products. If you plan to sign on with a company that offers more than essential oils, ensure that they are products that you can enjoy and are willing to stand behind.

Do your research and locate a company. Search the Internet for information on the different companies to confirm that they are legitimate opportunities, and look for a company that is known for offering high quality essential oils. Go to the Direct Selling Association membership page and look up businesses that offer direct selling opportunities for aromatherapy. If the listings have websites, visit the sites of the companies that strike your interest, and look over the sales consultant opportunities that are available.

Contact a representative. Set up appointments to meet with representatives to learn more about the companies you like, and ask them to bring or send samples to you that you can smell and familiarize yourself with. Ask questions about their products, such as where and how their oils are made, sign up cost, required inventory, sales policy, and minimum production requirements. If inventory is required, ask if they have a buy back policy in the event that you decide being an independent sales consultant is not for you.

Choose a company that offers the best terms. In most cases you will be expected to sign a contract and pay a sign-up fee prior to approval. Read the contract carefully and ask questions if your are uncertain about any clause in the agreement.

Market your business. Let friends, family and co-workers know that you are now selling essential oils. Pass out business cards, brochures or catalogs, and samples of your oils if available. If your company has the option for you to put up a website on their host servers, take advantage of it and broaden your sales potential.


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