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How to Sell Cell Phone Plans and Make Commission

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If you are in or are thinking of working in the wireless sales industry, this article will help you learn how to correctly sell a great plan to your customer and possibly earn a nice commission for your efforts.

Introduce yourself to the customer and build rapport with him/her. Getting a potential customers name is very important and helps the get a cell phone or any other type of sale closed.

Qualify, qualify, qualify! Ask the customer numerous questions to determine their cell phone needs. It is imperative that you find out how many minutes the customer uses, where they travel to, who they call most frequently, whether or not they use internet applications, how many text messages they use, and so on.

Find a problem! Most customers have one or more issues with their current cell phone providers plan and/or phone. Determine what these are to better help you custom fit a cell phone plan that fits them well.

Present one or two good options to the customer. Explain the features and benefits of these plans and answer any questions that arise.

Close the sale! Phrases such as "Let's get this started today" and "What area code would you like" are closing statements and help with finalizing a cell phone sale.

Fill out the necessary paperwork and complete the activation process with the cell phone carrier. Answer any final questions from the customer and thank them for their business.


Many wireless sales job offer both a commission and hourly pay structure, although some may just pay hourly. Listening to the customer's needs and providing a custom fit solution is a crucial step for any type of sale.


Do not over pressure a customer.