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How to Sell Fragrances

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Fragrances refer to perfumes, body splashes, and scented body oils that can be sold to add a pleasant aroma to the skin. Despite the condition of the economy, you can still sell fragrances, but it is wise to take the current economic climate into consideration when planning your sales pitches. Whether you own your own business or work retail there are several marketing techniques that you can use to sell your fragrances with success.

Develop an appealing sales pitch for your demographic. All adults are potential customers for fragrances. There are those who have the occasional allergic reaction to fragrances such as breakouts or migraines. These people will be less likely to buy fragrances so they do not have an allergic reaction.

Print coupons or develop deals such as buy one fragrance get one free or half off the retail price. Lowering prices, especially during times of economic stress will help you sell more fragrances.

Allow a potential client or customer to hold and smell different fragrances. When the customer or client can see, feel, hold, and smell the fragrances they are more likely to purchase the fragrance. This is a psychological trick that lets the customer feel how good it would be to own your product.

Point out things that make your fragrance unique, such as all natural ingredients, low levels of alcohol, or where the ingredients are imported from. People love the unusual and unique. It is important to be facing your client while discussing these important factors and for you to be able to discuss and answer your clients' questions at length.

Use advertising to your advantage. Print out flyers for sales, pamphlets, and catalogs for your fragrances. Provide an accurate and thorough description of ingredients used, the type of fragrance, and price in your catalogs.

Exude confidence when speaking with potential customers and clients. Showing confidence in yourself shows confidence in your product, and it is very attractive to customers and clients.


Using false information to sell fragrances is false advertising and can be illegal. Only use verified information to sell your fragrance products.