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How to Sell Bibles

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These days, religion is big business, with many people investing money in books, figurines, signs and more. Bibles rank among those items that religious people purchase and rely on the contents within to guide their lives. For this reason, most people take care when purchasing their Bible, which is why Bible salesmen must know a great deal about their product. Selling Bibles consists of more than catering to someone's faith; it also means knowing the differences between the various versions and explaining why one would work better for a particular individual than another.

Target the right market. You don't want to approach someone to purchase a Bible who doesn't follow the Christian religion or wasn't religious at all. Make your sales pitch to those who you know would be interested in this type of purchase. Approach people at your church, or other churches. You could also set up a storefront to sell Bibles or sell them online, depending on how far you want to take your business.

Display knowledge of your product. You can't effectively sell Bibles if you don't know the differences between the various versions. For example, the King James version of the Bible differs from the New International Version in terms of how verses are worded and the language used to communicate the various lessons. Some Bibles are geared towards specifics demographics, such as teenagers or women, with short stories and anecdotes found throughout. You need to know the difference between each version so that you can sell the right type of Bible to your customer.

Suggest additional supplies to accompany the Bible. According to, 75 percent of the time, when a customer is presented with the option to purchase an add-on--such as Bible cover or religious reference dictionary--he will purchase it. Offer a variety of accessories meant to help your customers both take better care of their Bibles and/or that can translate authentic terminology.

Offer Bibles in a range of price ranges. Consumers may not always be able to afford the best Bible if it costs too much money. Therefore, as a knowledge Bible salesman, you need to show them other options that are just as effective in terms of the information contained within, but within the parameters of their specific budget.


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