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How to Become a List Broker

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Anyone can become a list broker, selling either mailing, phone or email lists, or all three types of lists. The key decision is knowing whether you want to specialize in business or consumer lists. It does pay to specialize instead of being a generalist, as it is much easier to order one list and manage the database. Potential buyers will also be more apt to purchase a list from a specialist.

Decide which industry you want to serve with your mailing lists. Choose to sell multiple-level marketing or business-opportunity mailing lists, for example, if you want to help home-business entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Find list wholesalers in your area or on the Internet. Purchase lists from the Direct Marketing Association or US Data Corporation, for example, which both sell a comprehensive list of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Select a list wholesaler that sells mailing, land line and cell phone, and email lists, as your customers may have different methods of promoting their business.

Create a two-minute recording on a separate business line that tells potential customers about your mailing lists. Tell the customers why they should order your lists, focusing on the results the list produces and any guarantees that you offer.

Obtain a merchant account for accepting credit card orders, as your sales will suffer without it, according to Ask your bank if you can set up a merchant account through it.

Create a website for your list business or hire a webmaster to create it. Include information about your various products, such as mailing and phone lead lists. List your business line on the website, prompting people to leave their name and number after they listen to your recording.

Contact your list supplier and ask them if they have brochures that you can use for marketing your lists. Create your own brochure if necessary. List all of your products and prices in the brochure and include your website and phone line.

Write a one-page sales letter that describes the major benefits customers will receive from using your lists. State, for example, that you sell fresh leads that are "less than 30 days old," if that is your particular niche.

Place classified ads for your lists in various trade journals that target key customers. Place an ad in a business opportunities magazine, for example, if you are selling names of people interested in starting a mail-order business. Include your business name, address and phone number in the ad.

Mail copies of your sales letter and brochure to people when they answer your ad. Give them the option in your sales letter of ordering by mail or online.

Contact your list broker and order the appropriate lists when customers order. Mail the lists to your customers along with another brochure for future orders. Keep track of all your customers in a database, including what they ordered and the date. Mail special offers out to them each month to build your sales.

Continue to expand your advertising in trade magazines. Have your website designer optimize your website so you can get your website listed on the first page of major search engines such as and


Try keying your magazine ads so you can determine the particular ad to which a customer responded. For example, the key BO110 could represent the January 2010 edition of a hypothetical "business opportunities" magazine. Keying ads will better enable you to determine the sales and profits from each ad. You can also track this information on your website by asking people to enter a publication and date.