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How to Become a Cell Phone Distributor

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Cell phones are big business and lots of people who want to open a business would be more than happy to sell an already-established product that's doing well. Because cell phone companies are more than willing to allow other people to distribute their products, it's possible to make a good deal of money selling a popular, brand-name product with a minimum of corporate oversight if you choose to become a cell phone distributor.

Buy your product from a wholesale distributor or directly from a cell phone manufacturer. You'll need to place orders of a certain size when you buy cell phones and cell phone technology. It's important that you have the money up-front to purchase a large-enough order. Once you have the product, mark it up to a price where you can make a profit from re-selling it yourself.

Sell the cell phones and accessories you have to cell phone dealers. This is where your business network comes in. You'll need to start out small, working with a handful of cell phone dealers or stores that sell cell phone accessories. As business improves and your relationship with your dealers grows stronger, you can attempt to add new dealers to your network and then you'll be able to afford to buy more product, sell more product and make more money.

Move product through your personal website. If you don't want to deal with a brick and mortar business front, you can easily start a website that allows you to sell directly to customers, as well as to dealers, in order to maximize profits. If you don't know how to set up a website for business, it's important that you employ someone to update and keep your site working smoothly.


The more traffic you get to your website the better. If no one sees your products that you have for sale, then you might as well not have the virtual storefront.


There's a lot of risk that comes with being a cell phone distributor. Make sure you're familiar with the product, demand and business flow before deciding to jump into the industry feet first.


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