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How to Become an Herbalife Distributor

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Becoming a distributor for Herbalife allows you to earn extra income and purchase products at a wholesale price. The relatively low start-up fee attracts distributors looking for a part-time job as well. The average income varies, but is based on how much time and energy you dedicate to the promotion of the Herbalife products.


Visit the website. Click on the “Our Product Solutions” tab and review the drop-down menu. Go through the sections one by one and read the information provided about the nutrition supplements and weight-loss products. Also, become familiar with the success stories provided on the website.

Distributor Information

Click on the “Business Opportunity” tab at the top of the home page. Review the section under “Why Herbalife” by clicking on the “Find out more!” bubble. This give you an in-depth look at how independent Herbalife distributors work. Also, click on the “Statement of Average Gross Compensation” link to open a PDF file giving you information regarding the average earnings of an Herbalife salesperson.


Click the “Get Started Now!” bubble on the “Business Opportunity” page. Complete the online application by providing your name, address, phone number and email address. Place a check mark in the box beside the Herbalife Privacy Policy stating you accept the terms. Provide the correct answer for each question by clicking the drop-down menu. After completing the questionnaire, click “Submit” on the bottom right side of the page.


After submitting your application, a representative will generally contact you within 3 to 4 days. Be prepared to answer questions, like “Have you used Herbalife before?” and “Have you ever sold a product like Herbalife before?” The representative provides you with all of the information needed to get started, included where to submit your W-9 form and information for ordering products. Also, a start-up fee for a mini-pack or a full pack is required, as stated in the Statement of Average Gross Compensation. If you do not hear from Herbalife within two weeks, visit the website and click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page and inquire about your status.


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