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How to Become a Dewalt Distributor

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Dewalt produces products that range from woodworking tools to pressure washers. The first tool produced by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1924 was the Wonder-Worker. After massive expansion, DeWalt became a name known around construction sites as well as American homes. Today, DeWalt produces a line with more than 200 power tools, giving distributors the chance to operate a highly profitable business.

Locate your business license and tax identification number. When applying as a DeWalt distributor, you must provided detailed information about your business.

Contact the Dewalt corporate office and request to speak with a salesperson in your area. Provide the representative with the name of your town and state along with your Zip code.

Ask the salesperson to supply you with an application for distributing DeWalt tools. Give him the best mode of delivery, such as fax, email or postal service. Write down his direct phone number for future reference.

Complete the application. Answer all of the questions required on the application. For instance, be prepared to provide the name and address of your business, how long you have been in operation, your estimated yearly sales and what other products your business offers. If you are unsure how to answer a question, call your salesperson and ask for help.

Copy each document for your personal records. Return the application along with a copy of your business license and a W-9 form to DeWalt Corp., 1930 22nd St., Bakersfield, CA 93301. The W-9 and business license supply DeWalt with your tax identification information.


Wait six to eight weeks for a response from DeWalt regarding your application. If you have not heard anything, contact your salesperson for the status.


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