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How do I Become a Retailer of Good Year Tires?

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If you attend sporting events, such as baseball games or NASCAR races, it's possible you have noticed the Goodyear blimp overhead. According to the Auto Evolution website, Goodyear is synonymous with quality tires, and named Goodyear as one the most reputable companies in 2009. Goodyear, being the only tire company on the list, ranked highest among other companies in the automotive industry. Becoming a Goodyear tire retailer gives you access to the dealer catalog and online portal for ordering inventory.

Call the Goodyear corporate headquarters by dialing 330-796-2121. Say the words “Training or sales” when the voice prompt begins. This routes your call to the correct department.

Request a retailer application. Provide the Goodyear sales representative your full name, address and telephone number. You have the option to receive the application via regular mail, email or fax.

Complete the application by entering your personal information, such as name, social security number and contact information, along with your business name, address and taxpayer identification number.

Copy your tax returns showing your income for the past three years and include the copies in your application packet. Also, complete the income and debt portion of the application.

Photograph your current retail business, as directed in the application. If your retail business is a website, provide the online address in the application. Goodyear requires proof you own a retail business.

Mail the completed application to the Goodyear Corporate Headquarters at:

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 1144 East Market Street Akron, Ohio 44316-0001


Write down the name and telephone number of the sales representative you speak to at Goodyear. Make a copy of all documents you send to Goodyear.


If you do not receive a response within two to four weeks, contact your sales representative.


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