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How to Become a Hyundai Car Dealer

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Hyundai car dealerships are actually franchises owned and operated by individual owners. Prior to becoming a Hyundai car dealer, you must complete and submit the Application for Hyundai Motor America Sales and Service Agreement. Generally, Hyundai looks to partner with dealers with significant financial liquidity or available lines of credit and previous dealership experience.

Download the Application for Hyundai Motor America Sales and Service Agreement from Hyundai’s website (see Resource).

Complete the application in blue or black ink, being sure to answer all questions.

Submit the application by mail to the Hyundai Regional Market Representation Office that oversees your market. A map illustrating the oversight of each office, as well as the offices’ contact information is located on the Hyundai Diversity page (see Resources). The market representative will review the application and determine if he would like to offer you a franchise.

Complete the training programs offered by and required by Hyundai. You may be required to train at a dealership to adapt to Hyundai’s policies and procedures.

Pay all necessary franchise, dealership, marketing and royalty fees to Hyundai to complete the franchise process once you have completed training and been approved by the company.


Applicants wishing to become Hyundai dealers must have several million dollars available in liquid assets and credit that can be allocated to running the dealership. The exact amount varies significantly depending on the market that the dealership is in.


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