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How to Become a Car Dealer in Ontario

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Car dealers sell used or new vehicles to the public. In Ontario, becoming a car dealer requires registration. The accreditation body for all car dealers in Ontario is the Motor Vehicle Industry Council. Dealers are further required to successfully complete the Automotive Certification Course. These requirements are uniform for anybody wishing to sell used or new vehicles as well as motorcycles, trucks, motor homes and any other road vehicle. Furthermore, a dealer, as defined by the Motor Vehicle Industry Council, includes anyone leasing, advertising or exchanging an interest in a motor vehicle.

Obtain a security clearance report from the police department. Visit your local Ontario Provincial Police branch or local police and get a criminal record check report. This costs approximately $30 Canadian, as of 2010.

Complete the application forms. Dealers must fill out the business application form from OMVIC, as well as the individual form. The forms can be found at the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council's website.

Finish the Automotive Certification Course. Dealers must have either been the person in charge of a dealership for at least three years or complete the OMVIC certification course within the past year.

Pay the registration fees. Registration forms must accompany a check or money order for $500 Canadian, as of September 2010, for first-time dealer applicants. You might also have to submit a check or money order for an additional $339 if you fall under the general- or broker-class dealers, as defined on the OMVIC website.

Submit your application. Applicants must submit a valid police clearance report, applicable checks or money orders, and registration forms to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. If approved, the OMVIC will send you a certificate of registration.


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