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How to Become an Authorized Watch Dealer

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Unless you want to sell expired lines of timepieces or secondhand jewelry, you'll need access to premier watches. Selling top-of-the-line watches requires authorization from the watch companies. You'll have to meet specific requirements from the dealership and agree to maintain any guidelines set forth throughout your business partnership. One advantage dealers have over non-authorized sellers is the manufacturer's warranty. As an authentic seller, you can provide your customers with company-backed repair plans or guarantees. You'll also have access to products, such as new and limited edition watches, that non-authorized dealers do not.

Register your business by purchasing a business license in your city, county or state. Apply for a Federal Identification Number for your business, by visiting the IRS website.

Contact the dealership you wish to join by calling any available retail number for the company. Ask the phone representative for the telephone number to the dealer's department. You may be able to find this information by accessing the company website. Look for a tab that says, "Retailer" or "Distributors."

Request an application to become an authorized dealer. You may be given a website or email address or you may receive a paper application. Fill out the form, including information about your business such as your address, length of operation and size of your store. Return the application along with any fees to the company.

Receive your acceptance and use your customer or membership identification number to order via phone or the Web.


Some companies offer umbrella dealerships, meaning they grant access to more than one line of watches.


Avoid signing up with "networking" scammers. Sign up directly with companies if possible.


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