How to Use as a Drop-Shipper

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Websites, such as, offer items for sale at a cheaper rate than you could find in a retail store and many other places online. If you want to sell items online as a supplement to your income, you can use as a drop-shipper so you do not need to maintain any inventory. Using a drop-shipper allows you to make money through sales without the risk of purchasing inventory that may or may not sell.

Fill out the online application to become an affiliate. You earn up to 7 percent of purchases generated from your website as an affiliate.

Create a website to sell the products on. reserves the right to deny or revoke affiliate membership based on objectionable content on your site. You can use any type of website, however, including forums, blogs and business websites.

Place the affiliate banner on your website when your application is approved.

Use the Commission Junction area of the affiliate website to add links to specific items or place graphics and logos on your website.


Users actually order through and thus you will never have to touch the products or deal with shipping. handles all of the shipping and any returns.


Unethical marketing practices, such as keyword stuffing and overwriting links, are among the grounds for denial or revoking affiliate privileges.