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How to Become a Supplement Distributor

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As people become more health conscious and seek healthier lifestyles, supplements have become an integral part of daily diets. Nutritional supplements such as vitamins and protein drinks have niche markets you can easily target, including those catering to health aficionados, athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen. However supplement distributorship is not an easy way of making money; anyone interested in this field should do some homework before plunging in.

Search for companies dealing in nutritional supplements, preferably in your own state or country; although you can do business online, starting locally can provide a good start and help you understand the market better. Perform your search online or through local newspaper advertisements. Once you zero in on a product, fill out the company distributorship application to become its official distributor. Becoming a registered distributor has multifold benefits: You can obtain the product at a lower cost and also receive a percentage as compensation for every sale that you make, and the company will display your name and contact number in its ads and website. The company may also help you with business plans and market updates.

Select a name and address for your business, and register it through the local county administrative office. Register under the Doing Business As (DBA) category and get your vendor’s license by filling out the requisite form and paying the fee (see link in References section for further details).

Start marketing the supplements by contacting local pharmacists, gyms, spas and other health-oriented areas. Keep in mind that these establishments may initially express reluctance to try out the new product—especially if the brand you have chosen is not famous or does not already have a market share. However, some businesses may allow you to put up banners or fliers to advertise your product. Leave your business card at every place you visit, and take down the name and phone number of every potential client.

Create a website or a blog with the help of a Web designer. Publish photos of the supplement, which you can obtain from the manufacturer. Research and write summaries of the supplement's benefits on a regular basis so your website or blog springs up when people search for the supplement online. Place a link on your blog or site whereby the client can make a direct purchase from you. Tie up with online payment processors so you can allow allow credit card transactions.


Use affiliate marketing techniques to spread word on your business.


Choose a supplement that is tried, tested and duly registered with the right authorities. Also ensure that the supplement's label content is printed on the bottle or box according to the rules laid down by the FDA. Failure to address these issues may seriously affect your sales and dealership.


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