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How to Become a Fisher-Price Distributor

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Whether you have been in the retail business for years or whether this is your first venture into the business, becoming a Fisher-Price distributor can be lucrative. Think of becoming a distributor as starting your own business; you are buying and then selling a product, thus creating a profit for not only yourself but for the manufacturing company as well. With a little bit of business know how, you can become a successful distributor and begin your new business venture the correct way.

Fisher-Price merchandise is not generally distributed or sold at a wholesale price to individuals from the manufacturer. The best way to obtain Fisher-Price merchandise is to sign up for an account through a wholesalers website such as This type of website offers wholesale prices on merchandise as well as a simplified selling service. Such a website can cut out the middleman when it comes to selling products as well as paying your supplier.

Select your products. A great benefit of becoming a distributor is that you do not have to sell every item that a manufacturer produces. Fisher-Price currently offers a wide array of products to choose from. Some of their products include high chairs and learning games as well as a large variety of toys. Determine what Fisher-Price products you would like to sell. Think about what products might be the most popular products.

Determine your selling price. You need to make sure that the price that you are going to sell your product for will cover all of your expenses as well as give you a profit. Look at the wholesale price of the product, add your mark up and subtract that number from the wholesale price; this will be your profit. A great way to find the right price for your products is to look at your competition. Toys "R" Us offers one of the largest selections of Fisher-Price products. Compare your prices to what another retailer is selling the merchandise for.

Set up shop. Once you have selected your products and determined your selling prices, you can now set up your shop. There are a number of places that you can create an online shop. Websites such as or allow you to set up great shops with little overhead fees. If you do not want to go through a major website, you can set up your own online store by creating your own website. Make sure that your online shop is easy to use and offers useful information on the products you are selling.


Avoid paying upfront fees for merchandise. Many wholesale websites offer drop shipping, which allows you to pay for your merchandise after you sell it.


Always make sure that you are generating a profit. If you sell a few items and realize that you are putting in the work and not making money, you may want to readjust your pricing or look for a different wholesale supplier.


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