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How to Become a Lighting Distributor

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The decision to become a lighting distributor may be just what your business needs to boost sales in a sagging economy. Whether you are planning to add a new product line to an existing business -- or if you are looking to start a new enterprise -- it is easy to become a lighting distributor. Select a manufacturer and a product line, complete the application and start your business.

Select a lighting product that is compatible with your current business, or a product that you would like to start selling. Visit the company website and complete the distributor application online, if one is provided. If one is not provided, contact them by telephone or email for more information.

Provide all of the information requested by the lighting manufacturer. Answer questions honestly and provide accurate information. Decide if you will be selling the lighting fixtures through a website, or in a physical location.

Call a representative for the lighting company to help you complete your application, if needed. Ask the representative questions about your rights and obligations as an authorized distributor.

Place an order for a selection of the products to display in your store. Online distributors will usually receive a website package of lighting fixture photographs and webpage layouts. Display the products in your store, or on your website and market the product.


Choose a competitively-priced product that you like and a manufacturer that provides support for distributors.


Select a lighting manufacturer that has a good reputation for quality and customer service.


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