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How to Make & Sell Candy Gifts at Home

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Selling candy gifts from home is a creative and potentially profitable endeavor. The business process involves making the candy in your home kitchen, listing it for sale on the Internet and delivering it to your customers via mail service. If you live within the U.S., for example, it will be convenient to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver your goods. So, if you already have an interest in culinary or candy-making crafts, this may be the home business for you.

Make a test batch of candy at home using a specific recipe and various candy molds. It is best to create types of candy that have long shelf lives and can withstand the shaking or jostling of transportation and delivery.

Take several pictures of the candy using a digital camera. These will be uploaded online for potential customers to browse through.

Create an account and list your items for sale on a website like Etsy or eBay. There are fees and time limits for such listings; be sure to review the guidelines of each website.

Upload your pictures for the item listing. Afterward, create detailed text descriptions of each item. The information should include the type of candy, ingredients used, weight of the item, colors and flavors available and so on.

Purchase packaging materials for the candy, such as boxes, gift wrap, plastic wrap and foil. You will also need to purchase the necessary shipping supplies for your items, such as delivery boxes, postage stamps, address labels and packaging foam.

When a customer purchases your goods, write the customer's address information on a shipping label. Then make a fresh batch of candy, package it and take it to your local post office for delivery. If you are shipping via USPS, you can also request a home pickup from its website.


Before listing items for sale, it is important to test whether your candies will remain intact throughout the delivery process. Have a batch delivered to a friend or family member, then ask them about the condition of the candy when it arrives.


Be aware that candy such as chocolate or caramel may melt if transported during days of hot weather.