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How to Become a Lawn Mower Dealer

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Lawn mowers are sold by major retailers including Walmart and Sears, but there are still advantages to becoming a lawn mower dealer. A smaller, more personalized dealer offers a customized approach that larger shops simply can’t match. If you want to become a lawn mower dealer, you need to decide what sets you apart from the larger stores.

Buy lawnmowers wholesale from the manufacturer, which gives you more of a profit. Work with customers and change prices based on their needs with haggling. Offer special pricing to certain customers, as opposed to sticking with one specific price.

Purchase used lawn mowers by scouring the local classified ads, contacting local shops and contacting manufacturers. Look for refurbished lawn mowers that were returned to manufacturers by customers. Offer those at wholesale prices to dealers. Find used lawn mowers for sale from other shops that offer a discount for buying in bulk.

Take courses in lawn mower repair and general engine care. Set yourself apart from the bigger stores by offering lawn mower repair in your shop. Explain how the mower works to potential customers. Hire, if necessary, a repair specialist to work out of your shop, or on a case-by-case basis.

Find a shop based on your budget and your needs. Locate your shop so potential customers can arrive to look for lawn mowers. Make sure your address, telephone number, e-mail address and website information is such promotional materials as fliers and coupons. Look for space in a shopping center, a local flea market or work from home.

Stock your shelves with products designed for lawn mowers, such as parts and cleaners. Remember, too, to keep general lawn care items on your shelves. Appeal to a wide base of customers and keep former customers returning.


Don’t worry as much about space as you do about finding products. You can sell lawn mowers and lawn mower products online, or even work out of your home and garage until you have the funds available to get retail space.


Be careful about buying used lawn mowers unless you’re certain the products work, or you know how to repair them, which reduces the chances of taking a loss on the items.


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