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How to Sell Cosmetic Products

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Cosmetics products are considered anything that is used to enhance the face or body. If you are in the business of selling these products, there are numerous ways in which you can get your makeup, creams or other beautifying goods out and into the hands of potential customers. Whether you are working for a direct selling company or selling products of your own, having the right products and knowing how to make sales is crucial to your success.

Obtain your products. If you haven't already decided on what products to sell, go online and research the different cosmetic direct selling or party plan opportunities that are available, such as Mary Kay or Jafra (see Resources). These companies provide you with a means of selling cosmetics with little required in the form of start-up costs other than the initial sign-up fee. Discuss purchasing products at a discount price with your signing representative if so desired. If you prefer to sell products outside of the direct selling business, look online for wholesalers of cosmetic products and contact them to inquire about their guidelines for becoming a representative.

Hold cosmetic home parties. A popular method of selling cosmetic products is at home parties. Often associated with direct selling companies, home parties allow you to speak with an audience of individuals in an intimate setting versus a public one. A host will open up her home to invited friends, and in a party-like atmosphere, you will sell your products by doing a brief presentation and demonstration. Sales are made at the closing of the party and sold products are delivered by you personally or shipped if you do not have them in stock.

Pass out catalogs. If you have a current catalog of products, hand them out to potential customers or mail them to current clients. Leave copies in locations where women tend to frequent. If you have samples, such as miniature lipsticks or lotions, place them in a small bag and staple it to any catalogs that you give away. Make certain that potential customers have a way to reach you once they have looked over your products. Write or stamp your name clearly on the back of your catalog and include your phone number.

Set up your website. Several direct selling companies offer you the opportunity to promote your business with a personalized website. If this is an option that is available for you, it is one that you should take advantage of to reach the many customers that shop online. Get the word out about your website by including your website address on your business card and on any other correspondence, business related or otherwise, and by offering it as an option to anyone who is too busy to meet with you in person.

Give facials and advice on cosmetic application. If you are comfortable teaching others how to properly apply makeup, this is a way to sell your products to women who may otherwise not wear makeup or who are wanting a change in their look. Use the makeover as an opportunity to showcase products that are flattering and discuss what the client's cosmetic needs are.

Attend trade shows and fairs. Contact organizers of local wedding fairs and beauty trade shows in your area. Rent a space and table to showcase your beauty products. Create attractive cosmetic displays, place catalogs with your contact information and plenty of product samples and testers in your booth. Always pay particular attention to your appearance when selling cosmetics. Many times your own polished look can help make a sale.