How to Become a Merchandiser

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A career as a merchandiser is a home based opportunity to earn income for anyone who enjoys the flexible hours and the diversity this work has to offer. Being an independent contractor allows you to work for more than one company. The need for merchandisers are almost anywhere retailers sell videos, DVDs, greeting cards, jewelry, sunglasses, books, magazines, groceries or cosmetics.

Register with a professional merchandising service on a national registry (see Resources) and you will be informed of any openings for jobs, either by email or phone. You have an option to accept or reject the job. If you do accept, a recruiter will advise you of the information you need. Another option is to contact a local vendor who may be able to recommend you to their supervisor. You may also search online for a specific company and apply.

Work as a merchandiser if you want flexibility. Companies hire people part time, either as permanent or on a paid per assignment basis. Most companies hire independent contractors, though some hire employees and withhold taxes. The merchandiser is given a certain amount of hours to complete the job or a limited number of hours per week.

Represent the manufacturer as a "good ambassador" when you work in large chain stores, supermarkets or drug retailers. Your responsibility is to place signage, take care of inventory, do resets, promotionals and visual displays to promote the sales.

Prepare to do manual labor, such as lifting boxes for incoming inventory. Standing the entire visit is usually required.

Develop a relationship with the store or department manager. Always be professional and dress the part, since you represent the manufacturer and company who hired you.


Some companies will pay mileage. Recruiters will offer you more available jobs if you are dependable. Personal transportation is a must.


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