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Job Description of a Service Deli Clerk

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The main job of the service deli clerk is to serve customers through the deli department. Through the deli department you will be responsible for many different tasks from waiting on customers, to cooking to filling party orders.

Deli Customer Service

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The service deli clerk’s main job is to slice meats and cheeses to customer’s specifications. They use scales to weigh foods and must maintain a clean working environment at all times. They must understand food and kitchen safety.


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You may also be preparing hot foods if your deli serves them. You will be trained in the safe and proper operation of fryers, ovens, and other equipment depending upon your store.

Party Preparation - Trays

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As a service deli clerk you will also make trays of food that have been ordered for parties. They will be made based upon their pick up date.

Salary and Requirements

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Each company has their own starting wage, but most service deli clerks earn $.50-$2.00 above the state minimum wage. To get a service deli clerk position you should be self motivated, customer service oriented, as well as clean cut.

Job Outlook and Working Conditions

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Working conditions in the deli are generally limited as most delis are only open until 9 or 10pm some close early on Sundays.