Examples of a Cover Letter for a Business Administration Position

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Various career fields fall under the umbrella of business administration. Jobs in business administration involve activities such as planning, organizing, staffing and budgeting. Careers in this field can include positions such as event planner, executive assistant and purchasing manager. With a wide variety of specialties, writing a cover letter for a job in business administration can vary, but has several basic parts.

Opening Remarks

The first few sentences of a business administration cover letter introduce the applicant to the employer. This paragraph lists how the candidate heard about the job and specifically names the position. The writer then goes on to briefly state why he is expressing an interest in that position. One or two brief sentences is enough.

Specify Interest in the Organization

Show a specific interest in the company. Spend some time researching the company online and through current employees to learn what makes it different. Present these findings in a separate paragraph and correlate personal interests with the company's mission. A paragraph that includes this information demonstrates that the applicant has customized the cover letter specifically for the company and this stands out to an employer.

Describe Related Experience

The bulk of a cover letter lists what the applicant brings to the table for the business administration position. A potential employer wants to know how an applicant's previous experience and education will serve the company. Special skills and accomplishments related to the job are highlighted in this paragraph. For business administration positions, showcase any advanced training in business-related software. Also focus on any extraordinary acts, such as juggling many administrative tasks at one time and helping staff members meet deadlines by working behind the scenes.

Closing Statement

The final section of the business administration cover letter sums up why the applicant is well-suited for the position. It also includes stating an interest to meet for an interview. In this section, reiterate an interest for working with that specific company in an administrative role. Thank them for the opportunity to apply for the desired position and perhaps even offer to follow up with them in a week if you don't hear back.