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How to Write Significant Business Results for a Talent Profile

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Your resume is your talent profile; it’s a testament to your skills, capability and successes in the workplace. What you put on paper can determine whether you get an interview and eventually a job. That’s why it’s essential to properly pinpoint and display the significant results obtained through previous positions in your talent profile or resume: to give future or current employers an idea of your capabilities.

Make a list of each job or position that you have held. For each one, note all of the major campaigns, projects or events that you worked on.

Write down the specific tasks or your role in each project. For graphic designers, maybe you prepared all of the artwork for the invitations and websites; for those in marketing, it could be bringing in sales and putting together advertisement campaigns. Events, campaigns and projects are successful because you contributed to them.

Be specific about your role in the success of the company. It could include minor things such as making sure everyone was prepared and organized, implementing new policies and procedures, or highlighting problems and implementing solutions.

Give examples of how you were successful in tasks. Whether it is improving sales through marketing techniques, using your savvy computer skills to resolve problems or assisting a disgruntled customer, the key is to provide specific examples of your skills and abilities.

Make a checklist of the things the employer is looking for. This could include specific skills such as training in a type of database or good organization and an eye for details. What the employer does can guide you in showing how you can apply your own skills to the employer's personnel needs.

Demonstrate how these skills and abilities can be applied to a current or future position. This will help employers envision you in the position and give them an idea of how you would handle situations. Essentially, you are displaying your talents in a way that employers can equate to their own future business success.

Add the list of successful projects in which you participated and skills you acquired from each of your jobs to your resume. You can highlight your business success at the beginning of the resume, so employers can see your career ccomplishments first.

Have a friend read over your resume to make sure it flows properly and that your skills and accomplishments are displayed in an effective manner. Sometimes it can be difficult to read and edit your own work.


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