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How to Write a Resume for a High School Student Internship

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Most careers nowadays require previous experience when considering candidates for hire, and many businesses pool from their interns or high school and college students with internship experience. While internships may pay little or nothing, they are often a quicker and more direct path to the job of your dreams. As a high school student with virtually no experience, you will need to write a specific resume that focuses on relevant qualities you can offer for the internship, rather than your lack of experience.

Type your name at the top of a new document page using center or left justification. You may also want to use bold, italic and/or larger font for visual appeal. Type your address, phone number and email address, as well as a website if you have one, below your name, giving each piece of information its own line. Only include a website URL if it is a completely professional site; do not include a URL for your personal blog.

Double space and create the "Objective" section of your resume using left justification and perhaps bold or slightly larger font. Type your objective, which should be a one-sentence direct explanation of the type of internship you desire and why. Focus on what you feel is your strongest skill and how you wish to explore a possible career that utilizes this skill.

Double-space type the "Education" section using the same font variation as the "Objective" section. Below the section title, type the name of your high school and what year you are in (Sophomore, Junior, etc.), along with your expected graduation month and year. If you feel your current GPA is impressive, you may include it here as well.

Double space again and type the "Experience" section of your resume using the same font variation as the previous section headings. As you most likely have no direct experience in the field you are applying for, this section should include any positions, jobs, volunteer work or projects you were a part of in or outside of your school that have any relevance to the internship responsibilities. For example, if the internship requires writing or research, include time spent on the school newspaper or yearbook.

List the jobs in your "Experience" section in reverse chronological order and include the governing organization or employer, the dates of work and your responsibilities in the position. Only include actual work done and not just club memberships or courses taken, as this comes later in the resume.

Double space and type the "Relevant Studies" section using the same font variation as the previous section headings, which will include any courses that relate to the internship career field. This can be instruction received both in and out of your school.

Double space and type the "Honors, Awards and Memberships" section, using the same font variation as the previous section headings. List notable achievements and their dates, club associations such as "National Honors Society" and academic honors such as making the dean's list.

Create the "References" section using the same font variation as the previous section headings, left-justified at the top of your second page. List previous managers, organization leaders, teachers or anyone else who can vouch for your abilities and work ethic as they relate specifically to the type of internship and career area you are applying for.


As with all other resumes, customize yours to apply directly to the position for which you are applying. A "Special Skills" section may be relevant if the internship requires specific computer skills, bilingual interns or artistic abilities.


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