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How to List Months on a Resume

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When it comes to creating your professional resume, it is very important to know proper formatting and how to word each section. For example, when listing your education, professional positions, or other areas of your resume where the date is important, you should include the month and the year for each entry.

List all the dates on your resume using the same formatting. For example, you can list months and years directly after each entry, or you can tab over and list the information in the right margin. Either way is OK, just be consistent.

Spell out months when listing them on your resume. Do not abbreviate, such as “Dec. 2009.” Instead write the full “December 2009.”

Add your month and year of graduation from any academic programs or when you received any certifications, such as “September 2005.”

Include the time frames when you work in a certain position, whether it’s a professional job or volunteer work, such as “April 2001 – May 2006.” If you still hold the position, write “April 2001 – Present.”