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How to Describe Your Basic Graphic Design Skills

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When you apply for a job in the field of graphic design, you'll need a strong portfolio of your best work and a resume that describes your qualifications, work experience, educational background and technical skills. When you write out your resume, you need to briefly describe your expertise to help employers determine why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Summarize your objective in one sentence. Briefly explain why you’re looking for a graphic design job, including the number of years in the industry and your strongest skills. If you’re looking for an entry-level design job, explain what you want to gain from the job.

List your design experience in chronological order. Start with the most recent employer or client you have worked for, describe your responsibilities, and the results that came out of your work. Plus, include any freelance, pro-bono work, and -- if applicable -- student assignments that you have done in the past.

List your educational background. Include in the educational section what school you graduated from, graduation year and degree. List any training or certifications you received.

Mention your design and technical skills. List any graphic design skills that you have gained from your work experience or courses you have taken from school. These can include typography, three-dimensional design, color theory and project management. Employers also require that graphic designers should know the latest computer software, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

Mention any professional graphic design organizations that you have joined.

Mention any design awards that you have received. List the awards that you won, the projects that you have won the awards for, and dates when you received these awards.


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