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Pet Sitter Resume Description

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Pet owners treat their pets like family. They want to know that when the need arises to leave the family pet at home, either for the day or for an extended vacation, Fido or Fluffy will be in good hands. A pet sitter's resume therefore must communicate professionalism, exceptional skills, and an extensive knowledge of animals.


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A pet sitter's resume should adequately describe special training or skills obtained. Knowledge of animal CPR and any training classes would be useful to include on a resume. A background in veterinary medicine or volunteer experience at a pet clinic is important information to place in a resume and would encourage a pet owner to consider the resume as professional and complete. Additionally, special knowledge of a particular breed of cat or dog may be important to the pet owner, and should be noted in the resume.

Personal Knowledge

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A pet owner who wishes to hire a pet sitter will want to know what personal knowledge or experience the pet sitter has with pets, such as the number and types of pets the sitter has and the length of time he has cared for pets. By placing this information in a resume, it saves the pet owner the time and effort of asking these questions, and will aid in their comfort of leaving their pet safely with a reliable sitter.


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A resume should include the pet sitter's availability. A pet owner may wish to hire the pet sitter for daily walks during the workday, or may wish to hire the pet sitter for an entire weekend of work including overnight stays. A resume should the willingness to work a certain schedule, or flexibility for extended stay.

Types of Activities

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A pet sitter's resume must include types of activities promised. A sample would include the following: "I will walk your dog twice a day for 1 mile each time, and will take your dog to the local dog park on Mondays and Fridays." To increase marketability, a pet sitter will want to offer several options for activities including walking, hiking and other physical activities. Pet sitters should also state whether they are willing to wash the pet if requested by the owner.


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Any good pet sitter will offer references of their past clients who can reliably vouch for the pet sitter's professionalism and care of the pet. It is preferable to offer references upon request, rather than include them in the resume, for privacy of the client. Simply state in the resume that references are available upon request.