Job Description for an ISO Coordinator

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ISO, the International Standards Organization, is devoted to creating standards for international products and engineering ventures as well as to increasing international trade by reducing fears of defective products. Companies that want their customers to know they have quality products will hire ISO coordinators to ensure that they are in full compliance.

Ensuring Quality Control

The ISO coordinator makes sure that products created by a client meet ISO standards and also meet the expectations of the customers. She must examine the company processes to determine if it is following ISO standards. She also makes sure that all necessary documentation is completed. When new standards are released by the ISO, the ISO coordinator sets up training programs designed to update employee skills.

Variable Working Conditions

Since virtually any company interested in exporting can hire an ISO coordinator, the work conditions can vary. At some companies, the ISO coordinator can be exposed to manufacturing conditions such as heat, loud noises, chemicals, dangerous machinery and other hazards. He usually, though, spends most of his time in clean and comfortable office settings.

Degree and Experience

The educational requirements for an ISO coordinator are a bachelor’s degree in engineering, statistics or business. They must demonstrate previous knowledge of working with ISO. These coordinators are consultants, so they must have good communication skills in order to explain ISO standards to their clients.

Slower than Average Outlook

The need for quality control inspectors is expected to increase by only 6 percent through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though the manufacturing industry overall is declining in the United States, there is still a demand for quality control in the growing pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries, according to the BLS.


Though the average annual wage for a quality control inspector was $34,460 in 2012, according to the BLS, the specialized knowledge and experience of an ISO coordinator earns him a larger income. According to the jobs website Simply Hired, a coordinator in Chicago in 2014 earned $58,000. One in New York City would have earned an average of $62,000, and one in Orlando, Florida, would have earned $47,000.