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What Is a CGMP Certification?

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CGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices, the name given to quality systems used by U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulated product manufacturers to ensure compliance with FDA regulations.


CGMP certification is not FDA regulated or sponsored. CGMP certification can only be achieved through programs offered by private companies and is only a formal recognition of completion and proficiency, not an actual registration or licensure.


The benefits of cGMP certification are strictly related to job advancement. CGMP certification proves a certain level of proficiency and knowledge of FDA cGMP regulations. This would strengthen the resume of anyone working in an FDA-regulated manufacturing industry looking to move into management of operations or any other compliance-oriented position.


The importance of cGMPs, according to the FDA, lies in the protection of the consumer. The FDA designs cGMP regulations to “assure quality is built into the design and manufacturing process at every step.” The consumer has to trust that federally regulated products are safe; cGMPs aim to uphold this trust.