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How to Verify a CompTIA Certification

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The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) certifies many information technology students in basic computer repair, networking and a host of other sub-fields in the industry. To get certified, you must prove your proficiency and experience by passing one or more tests. While some employers may take your resume or your CompTIA ID card as proof that you have met these qualifications, in other cases you might be asked to verify your CompTIA certification.

Request Verification from CompTIA

Log in to the CompTIA website to request certification validation. Register to the site with your Career ID. You can either request that the organization send your validation via email or postal mail, or you can print a copy of your certificate and your transcript. If you print a copy of your transcript, the document will also have a verification code for potential employers to verify. The CompTIA site will let your prospective employer see the name of the CompTIA certification and the certificate holder, the date certified, and status of the certification.

Verify for Microsoft

Microsoft has a specific validation method whether you are seeking to be employed by Microsoft or attempting to become Microsoft certified. Log into the CompTIA website and use the "Transcript" feature to send a transcript to Microsoft. The corporation does not accept alternate means of verification. Microsoft also established a toll-free number, 800-636-7544, to assist with this process should you have questions.

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