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How to Receive a Copy of My EPA Refrigeration Certification

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The federal Environmental Protection Agency requires technicians who handle the installation of air conditioning refrigerant to receive training and certification. If you lost your original certification card, you have several options for obtaining a replacement, including getting a copy from the EPA itself. However, you must approach your testing center prior to contacting the EPA. The EPA maintains a list of certification organizations and those organizations that provide copies with proper documentation.

Check the EPA certified list of organizations that are currently operating (see Resources). Visit the organization where you took your refrigerant certification test and obtain a copy of the certification card.

Obtain a copy of your certification from an organization that gives copies for those who can't get them from their certifying organizations (see Resources). You will need documentation from your original testing location demonstrating that you successfully completed the Section 608 exam.

Obtain the copy directly from the EPA if you cannot otherwise obtain the card. The record must already exist in EPA files. You must fill out and mail or fax the "Assistance with Obtaining a Replacement Card" form to the EPA (see Resources). The EPA will send you specific instructions in the mail for obtaining the copy.


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