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How to Verify a CPR Certification

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When applying for jobs that require CPR certification, you will need to provide proof that your certification is current and valid. Some employers will do the legwork for you, but you can save time – and prevent an unexpected surprise in the form of a lapsed certification – by verifying your credentials yourself. You can verify via several avenues, depending on where you received your certification.

American Heart Association Certification

The American Heart Association offers an array of CPR courses, ranging from basic “CPR Anytime” self-directed courses for individuals to workplace training sessions to professional training for health-care providers and educators. Regardless of what type of training you received and where, you can check on the status of your certification using CPRVerify, a web-based program for students, instructors and training centers to confirm that training has been completed. To use the system, you need a username and password, which you create by opening and confirming an account. Once you have your account, you can log in to confirm your certifications, and print verification to share with employers.

Red Cross CPR Verification

The American Red Cross also provides training and certification in CPR. If you lose your certificate or need to print another copy for work, visit the Red Cross CPR Certification website, and click on “Find My Certificate.” From there, you can search for your certificate using your email address, your name and the date of your class, or by your certificate number. Red Cross CPR certificates are only stored for up to three years; after that you will need to renew your certification by taking another class. Valid certificates can be printed from the website.

National CPR Foundation

If you earned CPR certification through the National CPR Foundation, which provides online certification courses, you can verify your certification via the organization’s eVerify services. Available to students, employers and groups, the eVerify service allows you to use your certificate ID number or email address to search for your certificate. This site only allows you to check for certification via National CPR Foundation courses. You cannot get American Heart Association certification verification or verification of training via the Red Cross or other organizations using this site.

Other Training

Many employers and community organizations offer CPR training that aligns with the standards of the AHA, Red Cross and other agencies. If you cannot verify your certification via one of the major certifying bodies, check with the organization you trained with for confirmation of your certificate. They should be able to provide you with the verification you need for employment.

  • Some schools may provide a certification form that can be obtained for verification purposes; see the referenced example from the Indiana Department of Education. Read the American Heart Association's guidelines for details on CPR and any updates to the procedure.

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